Proven Shopify Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Store (And, Drive Traffic Too!)

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According to Forbes the Global e-commerce market is likely to reach 6.3 trillion dollars by the end of 2023. As a key player in the world of eCommerce, Shopify would be the best-known eCommerce solution for businesses from all verticals.

The platform holds all the essentials you would be looking for in the establishment of your online store in the virtual world. Apart from reducing the burdens and complexities of business owners in creating an eCommerce store, the Shopify platform allows them to create exceptional online stores from scratch.

This article elaborates on how a store owner can drive more traffic to Shopify stores through effective Shopify marketing and promotions in detail.

Understanding Shopify and Its Impact on eCommerce Business

First of all, Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform that allows businesses to start, grow, and manage their products and services in the virtual world. Millions of online merchants prefer using this platform to achieve success in the online marketplace mainly because of the tools and features provided by Shopify. As one of the leading eCommerce platforms, Shopify is widely used by more than 175 countries worldwide with a market capital of more than 82.94 billion. The Shopify platform has more than 4.12 million live stores as of July 2023. [Source: DemandSage ]

Overview of How Shopify Stores Drive Traffic with graph and stats

According to the Gorgias report, around 79% of Shopify traffic comes from mobile devices, and the numbers will grow as mobile usage keeps increasing among worldwide users. At the same time, Shopify stores manage to generate more than 300% of revenue from its repeat shoppers.

The average conversion rate of a Shopify Store is about 1.4% and the top 10% of the successful Shopify store has an average conversion rate of around 4.7% with the highest rate of 8% among the stores built in the Shopify platform [Source: Littledata ].

Here is the pictorial representation of the average conversion rate of businesses from different verticals.

Best Way to Promote Your Shopify Store

However, before stepping into the promotion you need to make sure to pick the right strategy for promoting your Shopify store. Here are the lists of the few best strategies to follow, pick the ones which you are comfortable with.

  • Starting a referral program
  • Engaging your potential audience on social media platforms
  • Utilizing free online marketing tools & directories
  • Don’t hesitate to participate in online forums and discussions
  • Networking with other businesses

6 Proven Tactics to Increase Traffic and Make Sales

Every business in today’s world is seeking innovative ways to increase their online store’s traffic for increasing their online sales. However, there is no single strategy that has proven to be the best for increasing the online sales that businesses are in search of. It depends upon the business type and the budget which they allocate for their marketing tactics.

Here are the 6 most popular marketing strategies that businesses from all verticals looking to boost their traffic can follow

1. Optimize Your Shopify Store To Perform Well In Search Engine

When it comes to driving organic traffic to your online Shopify store, the first and foremost step is to optimize your Shopify store according to the Search Engine standards. Search engines are the place where you can get potential buyers as traffic to your online store. Therefore, SEO optimization becomes an essential thing for all online businesses.

Apart from fixing all those common Shopify SEO issues like usage of keywords in products, headlines, meta titles, meta descriptions, blog contents, and so on. You should pay attention to incorporating long-tail keywords and placing optimized high-resolution images with proper alt-tags. This improves your site’s appearance in the search engine’s result pages and loads your website much faster.

2. Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Recruit a team of Micro-Influencers

Utilizing influencers to promote your products on social media is a new method of reaching new audiences. Influencer marketing plays a key role in creating brand awareness driving new audiences to your online Shopify store and improving your online sales.

However, as a business owner, you need to make sure of engaging with the right influencer who reflects your brand values and campaign. This will reach your online store right in front of the target audience. You can prefer to hire a team of micro-influencers that will save a lot of money and strengthen your marketing campaigns.

3. Running Effective Advertising Campaigns

For driving your ideal target audience to your online store in a short time, running an effective paid advertising campaign will be the best choice. Running a paid ads campaign will put your brand or online store right in front of the target audience group who are looking to buy or engage with your brands or stores.

Investing in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Pinterest Ads, and so will deliver fruitful results by displaying your brand or store to the intended audience as long as your budget gets used up.

4. Monitoring and Analyzing Performance

Monitoring and Analyzing your marketing campaign performance will help you measure, manage, and performance of the marketing tactics your brand or store is involved in. Continual Monitoring and analyzing your marketing channels will help store owners to better understand customers, maximize their effectiveness, and optimize their return on investment.

However, before being involved in performance marketing make sure to pick the top performance marketing channels and pay based on how your ad performs. Some of the top channels are CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Impression), CPL (Cost Per Leads), and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

5. Leveraging Content Marketing

Content marketing is an evergreen marketing tactic to capture and engage with new audiences. Creating creative, interesting, and engaging original content will create endless opportunities for your brand or online store to attract more new customers. Moreover, the creation of effective content relevant to your brand will build a lifestyle around your brand or store.

Many think that content marketing is about creating a blog and posting content. But in reality, it is more than just having a blog. You can create attractive videos, ebooks, and podcasts to guide your target audience and can easily branch out your brand or store to new audiences.

6. Email Marketing Strategies

Over the years, email marketing has been the most effective marketing channel to reach your brand or store to a group of target audiences. There is no doubt that emails are a staple of marketing, well-crafted emails will create a positive effect on viewers that will make them visit or engage with your brand or store.

Once your emails manage to deliver value to customers by providing relevant product information along with showcasing the products effectively surely it will increase your brand or store reputation. Also, email marketing plays a major role in creating brand or store awareness among shoppers. This will pave a path to increase traffic and sales.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Once you manage to revive your Shopify store, you need to focus more on promoting your store and driving traffic. As the competition in the virtual world continues to grow, driving more traffic from the bunch of potential customers will lead your Shopify store toward success.

Consider implementing the above-listed marketing tactics and build your marketing strategy according to your budget. This will keep your brand or store to stay on top with maximum potential traffic.

Posted by  Rajan Soni - Aug 03, 202310 Min readShopify

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