Advanced digital product solutions

At Centous, we're dedicated to delivering advanced digital solutions that drive progress and fuel growth for our clients. With a priority on innovation, expertise, and collaboration, we desire to create products and services that not only meet but overextend expectations, pushing businesses forward in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Vision & Mission

Our vision at Centous is to become a leading provider of innovative and reliable solutions that empower our client's experience with their daily operations, drive growth, and improving the way people live and work. Our goal is to continue improving various workplace that encourages collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning. We are committed to being a trusted partner & create long-lasting value for our clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Our Values


We provide a quality of being honest and having strong ethical principles, and in Centous, we prioritize clarity, accountability, and fairness in the business practices.


We provide a good level of excellence in a product or service. In Centous, our quality is likely to place a high priority on delivering high-quality products that fulfill customer necessities and expectations.


We define a sense of commitment and responsibility for one's actions and decisions. At Centous, we encourage our employees to take an initiative, make decisions, and take ownership of their work.


We able to adapt quickly to changing conditions and redirect when necessary. In Centous, we encourage our team about how to tackle new problems that challenge conventional wisdom.

Why choose us

As we have started our journey as an eCommerce web development company, We take a holistic approach to build, optimise and market e-commerce stores to create reputed, customer-centric brands.

Industry Expertise

We have been in the game of building e-commerce websites for over a decade, and that reflects in our knowledge, planning and execution. So, Don’t hesitate to hire a web development company.

Experienced Professionals

Our team consist of experienced professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of how the amalgamation of design, technology and commerce will pan out.


We understand that technology is evolving at a rapid pace; our culture is based on the idea of continuous iterations and improvements. This has helped us maintain a client retention rate of over 95%.

Partners/ Associations

We have partnered with the leading E-commerce service providers, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Shift4 Shop and the likes, for delivering an exceptional experience to our esteemed customers. So, We fulfilled all requirements of an E-commerce web development company.


Our process



Our e-commerce website designing cycle starts with defining your brand’s business objective. We factor in variables such as target audience, products, niche, brand’s message, etc. during this stage.


A plan is created based on the niche, targeted customers and the overall business objective. We will keep you in the loop to create a plan based on your vision.


A working design to give you a glimpse into how your e-commerce store will look like helps us to avoid any miscommunication and provides a constructive passage for pragmatic feedback.


Our expert developer team will complete each point based on the planning with the best coding standards. The development team executes all operations and achieves the client's expectations.


Once we have created your e-commerce website on a platform of your choosing, we will launch the store post your approval. This is done only after thoroughly testing the whole system before making it live for your customers.


This is where our e-commerce industry expertise saves the day. We will help you grow your e-commerce business by leveraging effective marketing strategies that will be customised for your brand.

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