5 Advantages of Hiring UI/UX Designers For Your Business

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What Can UI/UX Designers Contribute?

While businesses invest in the UI and UX design process, most brands today do not know the importance of good UI and UX. Companies tend to focus on building the best product or service features, marketing campaigns, sales funnels, etc., but fail to focus on designing the best UX and UI. If you haven’t yet hired experts for UI and UX design, here’s how you’re losing:

90% of website visitors leave solely because of bad design, and a good UI/UX can increase a website’s conversion rates by up to 200% (source)

With the importance of good UI and UX covered, we come to the next big question – design the UI and UX in-house or hire designers?

The tendency is to think that the team that has worked on the idea for the product/service, the founders and developers, know it inside and out and so are the most equipped for the job.

That’s where most businesses go wrong, and in this article, we’ll tell you why hiring UI, and UX design service providers for your business is the right step.

Here’s Why Hiring UI/UX Designer Service Providers Is the Best Idea

They bring in a fresh perspective & think from the POV of the user

As you spend time, effort, and money towards an idea, towards building a company and a product/service, you get invested in the brand and tend to look at things from the brand’s perspective.

This tendency of looking at things from the POV of the brand inadvertently seeps into the UI and UX design process.

The purpose of the design is not to make the company or product shine but to take the customer on a journey. Therefore, UI and UX should be designed for the customer – to take them from problem to solution in the least number of steps.

Hired UI and UX developers bring in a fresh perspective and can think from the POV of the user – it is their job to do so. This gives you the benefit of focusing on product/service development while the designers work on UI and UX design.

They design based on user personas.

When designing the UX and UI, brands often get wrong because they think from the perspective of the product or service – How do we get our product to shine? How do we highlight all the features? How do we maximize the visibility of our USP? How do we communicate our vision and mission?

What they fail to do is think from the user’s perspective – What are their pain points? What are they looking to solve? How much are they willing to spend?

This happens because the brand is closer to the product/service.

To understand the customer, you must first create user personas, which is the first step a UX and UI designer will take. They realize their job is to make the design work for the customer and to do that, they need to define the ideal customer and create user personas.

And these user personas are not just useful for UI and UX design. These personas will play a significant role in creating effective marketing campaigns, sales strategies, support processes, etc.

Follow a process of design thinking.

A website or application’s UI and UX needs to have a consistent flow. Each section should lead to the next – a story must be told, the user should be taken on a journey. They are, after all, not just purchasing a product or service but are purchasing an experience; they are making a commitment to the brand.

Creating this journey that unfolds as a story happens through design thinking, and experienced UI and UX designers think in this direction.

Design thinking is not specific to designers. Instead, design thinking involves following an iterative process of understanding the user and their problems, identifying what solutions they need, and how to deliver these solutions to them. Anyone within the company can perform this process, but they fail to look at the design from the user’s perspective.

This, again, happens because founders and developers are too close to the product or service. On the other hand, outsourced UI and UX designers bring in an outside perspective, they are not close to the product, and they can detach from it and think from the customer’s perspective.

Prototype UI and UX before developing

When you have an idea for the UI and UX design, the natural tendency is to follow your gut and begin development. This, however, is a counterproductive process because making design edits during development is much more time and effort-consuming.

When you hire a UI/UX design company, they first create a prototype of the design using tools like Adobe XD and Figma. This gives you a complete visual of how the end product will look. This has two key advantages – you can judge how the website or app will look when finished and give feedback after having this new perspective, and implementing feedback is much easier and faster on a prototyping tool.

They think with the tech architecture in mind.

Lastly, UI UX designers have experience working with developers and though they may not be tech specialists, they do have an understanding of the different development tools and architecture.

This allows them to design while keeping tech capabilities in mind. You can discuss tech limitations with the designer before they start prototyping, and they will design the UI and UX to fit into the tech specs you have in mind.


Whether you are building a new product or revamping an old one, getting the UI and UX designed right on the first try is critical to ensuring you are getting the best results post-launch. Otherwise, you lose out on conversions as visitors bounce off because of bad UI and UX.

If you’re looking for professionals to know more about UI and UX and to get a consult for your company, Contact us today.

Posted by  Ritesh Vatwani - Jan 17, 20225 Min readDesign

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